Interspace synergy

Whaddaya think:

How "magical" is the synergy between Nottingham Interspace table and interspace arm. Wondering how much I should value getting the arm to match the (new and I love it) table, currently sporting a just purchased new incognito RB-250 w/brass counterweight. The latter has about 30hrs or so on it and sounds really lovely (how much less is it now worth on the used market than when new?).

Am I just itchy, or do you think I would really enjoy the Interspace arm more? or, given there's a new spacearm out, should i wait to find a newly unloaded, older evrsion spacearm.

Opinions appreciated!
I think it depends a little on your choice of cartridge.

In listening to both, I prefered a modified Rega arm (Incognito or Orgin Live) to the Nottingham interspace arm. A slightly bolder presentation with my Dynavector 10X5 cartridge.
I'm biased...

to unipivots generally, but I suppose it really depends on the sound you're getting from either cart/arm combination.

Rega arms have a tendency to get the timing of the music right, and that single virtue outweighs many of its other shortcomings.