Intg Amps: Hegel 590 vs NAD M33 Masters vs Gryphon Diablo 120

Hi All: I am getting an itch to upgrade my integrated amp from Hegel 190 to something more robust that facilitates future speaker swapping.  And no, I'm not presently interested in separating components that much further (e.g. separate DAC; separate amp; clock; etc. etc).  I mainly interested in the following 3 on a used basis:

Hegel 590 OR NAD Masters 33 OR Gryphon Diablo 120

Max budget is $7500 if I choose to go towards the Gryphon (used), but curious if it's really THAT much better.   I'm particularly interested to hear from people that have had or auditioned at 2 out of 3.  The room correction on NAD is very appealing but I quite like my Hegel and it's tight control, and so something nice about staying true.


Current Setup:

* Unideal Brooklyn Apartment living room into Kitchen

* Hegel 190

* Monitor Audio Silver 7G 500

* Pine Tree Audio Cables

* Dual 1216

* Schiit Mani 2 (though I hear the phono preamp on some of above may make this superfluous)

* Spotify/Tidal (main streaming source)


I suspect that those dismissing the $12K H590 against the Diablo have never heard the Hegel or are unfamiliar with the brand! Gryphon’s cheapest Amp is not going to be significantly better than Hegel’s best Integrated. Maybe the Diablo 300 would be a more direct competitor. Do not assume that just because it says Gryphon that it’s their best effort especially in the $6-15K region! 

If the Gryphon doubles at 4 ohm and 2 ohm I would not be concerned.  I see it puts out 440W @ 2 ohms.The big Gryphon will drive anything.  I have not seen a class D products that do that.  I don't listen to lots of gear but heavy and doubling Watts are critical to me.

Hi All: What a rich response thread!  For those keeping track, here is the top-line: NAD cannot hang with Hegel and The Gryphon.  And I have moved on accordingly.

Hegel 590: about 7 votes

Gryphon Diablo 120: about 6 votes

Negative votes for NAD

I am planning to move forward with Hegel 590 (contingent on certain pricing), and look forward to having a true A/B test--my system with a 190 versus my system with a 590.  

I got the H590 to drive my Harbeths because Harbeth demos their speakers at shows with Hegel amps. And I did find it drives them better than my other amps, which includes the ARC Reference 150SE. So… at least with Harbeths it’s the amp to have. I think you will be pleased with it.