Intregrated Amp for Thiel 2.4 s

I am getting a pair of Thiel 2.4s in a 15ft x 20 ft room. Any recommendations from owners? Thiel are rated 4 Ohms (minimim 3 ohms). Budget is flexible $1500-$4500. I like to spend less. I have a Rogue 90 amp, is it enough for CS2.4?

Krell 400xi (a little concern with JA's test in stereophile)

Bat 300xse
Musical fidelity A5, trivista or KW500
Unico SE (140W)
Pathos logos

I don't like ML 383 and Rowland concerto.

Classical, Chamber, Jazz, no rock.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
Have sinced owned many amps on Thiels 2.4 at home. Pass x250.5, Classe 2200, Rogue 90, Belcanto evo4, KW500. They all have plus & minuses. best synergy probably x250.5 but not an integrated. KW 500 is very satifying too. Strongest bass. Rogue 90 is a good amp & does an okay job.
I have also found the GamuT D200 Mk III to be a great amp. As a 20-year tube system person, the Gamut D200 is the only SS amp I have tried over the years that maintains a similar sense of harmonic completeness with no typical SS down sides. (Tried BAT VK-500, Plinius SA102, Goldmund M28, 47 Labs Gaincard-S, Sunfire stereo amp.)

Tonal balance is neutral with no glare, no listener fatigue, good dynamics, good bass extension and punch, etc. (Speaker = Coincident Super Eclipse III.) I would not be surprized if the D200 mated well with the Thiel 2.4, but give it a try first, of course.