Intriguing Speakers From Germany



Ricky Lee Jones....Chucky's In Love....opening bars, have the lp, caught her IRL in Berkeley....pity, someone in front row handed her a bottle of Jack and she got sloppy...

Still sounded good, tho'....*S*  Came in @ 8:00ish

Don't recognize the following selection, but doesn't matter and I don't mind not...the opening....cello, I think..

But both sound like a good system playing through 'everything in between', finally to my diy Walsh above my desk.

Undoubtably better in your space, I could hear you punching keys at 0:06~0:07....

If I had to listen to music of any sort in this fashion constantly, I'd start messing with stuff.  But, mho, for what it's worth.... 

It and a buck will get me a cross-town bus ride... 😏

....but unlike the ’uncelebrated Mr. K’, I won’t tell you what or how you should be listening to or how or with what.

All that matters is that you’re happy.

What’s the point, otherwise?

And..if considered a troll, at least I’ll attempt to be a different flavor of such... ;)

Looking forward to seeing/hearing Samantha Fish on Sunday night, wish a similar 'fun thing' for y'all.... *G*


trying to evaluate a speaker by listening to a You Tube video is like trying to date a woman through a plate glass window, there are just too many of the five senses not involved in the process

Sorry, but I record concerts.  Anyone who thinks microphones are accurate is smoking crack. Even Schoeps CMC-MK4 into a Sonosax preamp by someone who knows what they are doing in setting record levels and gain offer only an approximation of reality and that is recording uncompressed audio at 24-bit/48KHz. 

There are simply far too many uncontrolled or unknown variables in a YouTube video of a speaker playing to make any value judgments beyond knowing that the box is making some sort of noise. 

While entertaining, buying a speaker based on a YouTube video sound clip is like buying a mail order bride from Russia based on seeing her in a Zoom Meeting call. 

Binaural head and torso simulator and then listening with headphones is the closest you will get to being there. It's not perfect but more perfect in terms of capturing what would be heard than anything else.