Introspective of this forum: "Does the Audiophile Community Have a Promlem?" I Say yes!!!

This article is so insightful to this forum and the toxicity in the community. (My Opinion)

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?

I know I have contributed to the toxicity here and will try to be a better citizen. Hopefully some will read this and see they are part of the problem (LOL)

Some will not and continue to play their roll as the Toxic Avenger.


There is a particular board on a specific forum that was hidden from the outside world because of how horrible it was. Where personal politics and racism was the norm 24-7 and one member even committed suicide after months of abuse. We watched him fight with other members on a daily basis and get a lot of heat back. He was fine most of the time when dealing with him on a individual basis but then he descended into some really horrible commentaries about race and certain countries and he went down the rabbit hole into some dark places.

Websites like ASR hold zero interest for me because a lot of the users are just there to be “right” and make others feel very small because their views don’t align with certain points of view.


@larsman Just being a homer as I do not eat pizza at all anymore. Liked it all when I was younger. I do not eat bread, chips, fried foods or processed crap. Max of 2 gs of sugar a day from protein bars after a skate or run.

You all can enjoy your clogged arteries and type 2 diabetes.

BTW we do have thin crust in Chicago, Barnaby's in Arlington Heights and Schaumberg are awesome as  was Giovanni's  in Des Plains.

I am a Hockey Bot. 

Merry Festivis.

@jerryg123 - I've had type 2 diabetes for over 20 years, so you're a little late in wishing it on me.... 

Where did the quote/story of the man who went down the rabbit and committed suicide come from?

Did not see it in the article that was linked.

Are you suggesting it is directly connected to ASR?

@larsman  I would never wish that on anyone. Two of my sons are Type 1 diabetic's and do quite well managing it. I feel for you.