Intuitive Summits & R.S. Audio Sasons?

Anyone heard either or both of these ?

From what I've seen and read, both seem very well designed and are contstructed with extremely heavy granite cabinets.

VAC 220 Standard Signature monos will provide the necessary juice, so the control factor wouldn't seem to be a major issue for either one.

I'd like to keep the topic on the Sasons and Summits only, please.

Robert and Rythmace4218,
Thanks for the perspectives. Steve knew that I was truly eval'ing these speakers and taking advantage of the generous 45 day trial; we spoke about it very frankly and openly. I'm simply saying they sounded bad enough for me that there was absolutely no way I was keeping these speakers with their pre-42 day sonic signature because they weren't hinting at anything special about to emerge. I have beeen in this 30 years (I'm 53) and have never before experienced a metamorphisis where the butterfly emerges with such incredible beauty. And Robert's comments about being surpised that the Sasons sounded so good day one in your room(s) is further proof that our experiences are quite different but legit. So I'll put this to bed; all I wanted to tell prospective buyers is "hang in there".

Anyway, Rhythmace4218, did you get the newer shorter bodied-Sasons, with the external crossover-in-stand? I assume they sound similar but am frankly glad I own the larger ones; they are now even more of a one-of-a-kind speaker than before. :>)
My Sasons came to life at about 250 hours (they may have had some factory break in). They went from just "sounding-like-music" to "coming-alive", between about 225/250 hours (rather quickly I thought) - but what an amazing change it was. I've had my pair for over a year now and am 100% satisfied. I can't imagine replacing them. They play most all weekend, every weekend and I find it's hard to casually listen anymore - I'm continuously drawn into my listening room. "Engaging" doesn't begin to describe the emotional impact of the Sasons. I've had some decent past speakers (Theil and Sound Labs), but technical bits can't describe the ability of the Sasons to leaving you emotionally exhausted. I didn't know this was possible. Regardless of what other great speakers are out there, you must hear the Sasons.
I'm a new owner of the Sasons with the crossovers in the stands. The sound has changed profoundly over about 400 hours of play. Timbre has become much more accurate.

I play classical clarinet, & accurate timbre colorations make a tremendous difference for how I experience my music. The Sasons project accurate timbre nuances: a viola DOES resonate differently from a violin, drum heads & cymbals resonate differently depending on where they're struck, etc.

I assume that the Sason's are still 'acclimating' to my other components, and their magic will become even more alluring. What fun!

I'm not familiar with the Summits. I can tell you that these monitors profoundly outperformed Focus Audio fs688's and (the original wood, not mixing) Avalon Monitors.
Good luck in your search Rx8man.
Thanks Rubinken, I almost pulled the trigger on a pair of Avalon monitors and the Eclipses before discovering these two hidden gems, glad I waited.

My speaker search has been well-reinforced with unanimous remarks from the various owners (some of which I did not know existed till now) that I would feel very confident of excellent sonics.
FWIW These speakers are on my short list of monitors to audition

I know that Robert and co at RSAD have graciously offered to put me up for a night and hear these for myself

Robert I haven't forgotten the offer let me clear my schedule and I will take you on this