Inverted balanced interconnects

I have some equipment where the balanced input/outputs may be either European/Japan wired (#2 Cold and #3 Hot) or US wired (#2 Hot and #3 Cold). Some cable manufacturers, if requested, provide for rewiring one side of the interconnect and swapping the Hot/Cold (#2 & #3) pin so that the balanced XLR cable inverts the polarity to the correct polarity between the two pieces of equipment. Has anyone had experience doing this and/or know which cable manufacturers may provide this service as an option?
i had same problem when connecting McIntosh to Accuphase,
i just swapped 2 wires on one connector (male or female), de-soldered and solder - pin2 with pin3
here in japan - any place that makes custom length cables will do it when you order - i would think that in US same (as long as they make custom cables).
one suggestion - mark the cable that have swapped pins... do not use them for straight connections.