“Invest” in Tekton?

I’ve been a member of Audiogon for a while but haven’t really had the need to utilize the forums until now... I’ve perused the forums pretty extensively the past couple of days but haven’t really found my specific question.... First some background: I’ve had my current system for quite some time (PSB image: 5t, 9c, 2b, subsonic 6; Denon AVR3311 as preamp; and a NAD T955 amp) and have been pretty happy with it... yes, I tend to hold on to my stuff for a while.... I recently decided to explore the option of upgrading/updating my speakers and was pretty interested in some midlevel stuff (SVS Prime, Emotiva, PSB X2T, Paradigm 8, 9, or 10 something…) but ultimately decided the $2000-$3000 price tag wasn’t worth the investment as they were all roughly in the same league as my PSBs... Somehow, I stumbled upon the review of the Tekton double impacts... don’t even know how I found it but there I was... I kinda chuckled to myself when the reviewer started comparing them to $20,000 speakers and then started calling them better at some things... I was a little pessimistic about the review because in my aforementioned research every speaker was the greatest thing since sliced bread.. (To be honest, in my eyes, the professional reviewers lost some credibility because every speaker was just great, couldn’t find a bad review no matter how hard I tried...) Anyhow, the comparison to speakers 7-10x in price piqued my curiosity so I started snooping around for any Tekton reviews I could find and lo and behold, everyone loves them and the comparisons to speakers multiple times their price were plentiful. Ok, so the Tektons are good and now I’m more interested than I should be…

So here’s the rub… I’ve never even considered spending $5000-$6000 on a speaker system (5.0-5.1). Never in my wildest dreams… I’ve always had a theoretical limit of $3k and never gave anything above that a thought. Along comes Tekton with speakers that are in the 5-6k price range (5.0-5.1) but are being compared to speakers $20,000+ and the fact people are putting them in the same league as speakers in that price range, and saying they are better in some instances, is intriguing…

So here’s where I am asking for some assistance. It seems the Tekton lineup is a unique opportunity to acquire reportedly superior sonic performance with apparently unparalleled value. However, $5-6k is a TON of money in my world.. It won’t break the bank but admittedly, it bends it pretty significantly and spending this kind of money on speakers definitely wasn’t a consideration even a week ago… Personally, I am seeing this as a once in a lifetime purchase (am 43 and would expect these to be the last major speaker purchase of my life) but I do need to justify to my betrothed. My original sales pitch to her included the analogy “it seems they are selling Lamborghinis for the price of a Mustang…” and “I really don’t think there will be another opportunity like this” (when did I start selling timeshares???!!!) There are other barriers with her as well (e.g., “They’re how big?!”) but she does have somewhat of an understanding of how much I like music and stereo stuff.. somewhat…

So my actual questions:

  1. To those that have actually heard the speakers, (transducers?)… do you really feel they are leaps and bounds better than typical speakers in the 3-6k range (generally speaking…)? For comparison, I liked the SVS Ultras but due to price and size (yeah, I know how big the Tektons are..) I put them in the “maybe someday” category. To be clear, I’m not asking is “x better than y?” but rather “Do these $3000 speakers really belong in the same class as $20,000 speakers????

  2. In your humble opinions, is this really a rare/unique opportunity with unparalleled value that is a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” or are situations like this (incredible value for the money) more common?

  3. I can’t even claim to have a basic understanding of electronics, I’ve read up on ohms and what not and my eyes glaze over.. I spoke with Eric and he, without hesitation, stated my NAD T955 would be plenty sufficient to run whatever options I went with. Thoughts? I intend on using the NAD until it dies (hopefully no time soon) and will deal with next steps when the time is right…

  4. I am super nervous about ordering something so expensive unheard, If anyone is interested, I would like to have a discussion relating to my type of music and listening environment/levels.. (not including in this post to keep size down..)

  5. Any other relavant information I haven't considered, particularly in the area of justifying a purchase such as this?

There are probably 100 other little tidbits I could include in this but I am trying to be as brief as possible and I still wrote a novel… Anyhow, any productive assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Reach out to @mac48025

He can offer you advice on your new room as well as the DIs. and other Tekton speakers.

Ok, I read your whole life story (apparently I have too much time on my hands).

Your conundrum is much easier (and cheaper) to solve now. You are working with a 9x11 room.This is not much larger than some closets. You DO NOT need floor standers, let alone large ones like those from Tekton.

What you want is good quality stand-mount monitors. These will sound better in this size of room, won't over power with booming bass, and save you $$$. 

Luckily there's many great ones for less than a pair of Tekton DIs, Kef LS50s for example.

You also don't need surround sound in a room like this, it would only muck up the imaging. So you could possibly put something like $3k into some stand-mounters and have $2k left for a nice integrated amp, maybe one with a good onboard DAC. For $800, you can find a musical subwoofer from the likes of Rythmik or REL for your headbanger sessions  (if you like overloading a room with bass).
You seem to desire a balanced, musical sound. It's very hard to beat British stand-mount monitors in this regard. Don't let the published specs on many of these misead you. Many of them are as resolving as the very best.

Have you noticed that Tekton seems to come out with a new model every few months, and each one is claimed to be better than the one before it? If the Enzo and Pendragon were such giant killers and made "every other speaker obsolete," then why the need for the Double Impact or that open-baffle one? I understand the need to have multiple product offerings for certain price points and applications, but the marketing method is unusual to say the least. I notice a lot of these Pendragons for sale on the used market, which makes me wonder if they're really giant slayers as claimed. 

You could put your PSBs in the planned listening room and see how floor standers cope with such a small space, but my guess is they'll overload the room.

@helomech:  great points. You could also go with active monitors. For example, the active version of the Kefs that helomech mentions, ATC, and others, etc.

I missed the room size...   9 by 11 !!! I think you are in the basement, how high is the ceiling?

Another option:

Have you considered headphones? A used TOTL / Reference system can be had for your total budget, including DAC and amp. No room treatment and subsequent spend required.

Even open backs, which I recommend getting, will not bother anyone if you are in this room, or most other rooms for that matter.

You will get the bass you desire. Or equalize it to your heart's content.

The Tektons are good, but to compare them just like that to 20k speakers is just not so straight forward. They should be compared to 20k speakers that are not really worth their price. It makes no doubt that with those small teams that know sound engineering, design and build their own speakers and sell them direct, you automatically reap higher quality for lower prices. For sure in some cases of 20k speakers, you pay for the bigger boss, the smaller boss, the designers, the many overheads, the retailer's margin and for the marketing. It does not leave you much in terms of real speaker quality if for the packaging!!
Back to the Tektons, they are highly efficient, and getting a lot of very loud sound doesnt make much sense unless this is what you want. If sound quality with enough volume is your ultimate goal, maybe you ought to consider replacing your NAD with some nice tube amps (SET!!!) and get the Tekton Lore. You will be quite high on the scale of audio quality.
If you want to get which for me is the best price/quality ration in terms of speakers, you would want to look at XTZ. Their sound quality is just near perfect in every parameter, and they are not very fussy about amps, even if of course they will improve a lot if you upgrade them. The XTZ Divine 100.33 are pure marvels http://www.xtzsound.eu/product/divine-100-33, and the 99.36 will give you more bass if you want that, and you can upgrade them with the Beryllium kit later. http://www.xtzsound.eu/product/99-36-flr. A friend of mine just did that and he is now in the audio nirvana. They are absolute audio jewels, designed in sweden, components are all european and mounted in China for costs, and you buy direct with XTZ.