Ipod and accessory power help

OK I've got the ipod and bought a car charger FM transmitter. Now I have all these devices that need USB power. I'm OK in the car, mobil, and even at my computer but I don't want to drag around a PC just to provide USB parasitic power. Is there a device that plug into the wall and has two female USB power ports to power all this stuff.
Are you asking if there is a simple way to plug your IPOD into your home audio system?
If so, then yes. Several companies make Y spliters that plug into your IPOD where the earphones normally go and then have RCA conectors at the other end. Then there is also airport and airport extreme for wireless whole house use.
Apple makes a USB power adapter:


which used to come standard with iPods but is now an extra cost accessory.

An alternative is a cheap powered USB hub like this:


which will supply power to any device connected to it. Not as elegant as the Apple product, but cheaper and more practical.