Ipod cable to Integrated amp

What sort of cable to I need for my office system so people can hook up their Ipods to my Prima Luna integrated. Prima Luna has RCA inputs. Thanks
Best to get a dock-RCA cable. If you use the mini-RCA cable you are taking the headphone feed that goes through the colume control. I like the cables from Audio Line Out (Ken Ball).

On my Dialogue 2 use RCA to 1/8" mini (stereo). I got mine on eBay. It has gold plated connectors, good amount of length (5') and is oxygen free copper and shielded and has a nice fleixble sheathing on it. Made by Monster for about $20.

Don't spend more than that on a cable for the iPod/iPhone. You won't notice a difference as the device isn't there yet.

Be sure to keep the volume down on your iPod. The highest setting is too loud for line levels. About 2/3 the way up is decent enough.