iPod Hifi

Have any of you tried the new iPod Hifi from Apple? It looks interesting to me - at least they seem to have conceded that you need a reasonably large enclosure to get decent sound. Also the embeded amp is class D, which is somewhat of a trend in higher end solid state amps (Rowland, Nuforce).
Looks Like Bose designed it. Frequency response is given as 53Hz to 16kHz ± 3 dB. Uses a 6" woofer and two 3" full range drivers. Weight is 17lbs with batteries!

I imagine that it will sound better than most Ipod speakers. My favorite so far, based on reviews, is the Monitor audio.
Prpixel - please elaborate your comment on "looks like Bose designed it". Did you mean from the way it looks, or the cutaway of the internals, or the driver choices, etc..?
ps: I wonder if it's in stores now.
iPod HiFi. Now that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

Don't get me wrong the iPods/portable players have a place in this world but, not in tru HiFi.