iPod low sound level


I am listening the iPod through my Hi Fi system but the sound level I get from is much lower than the level I have with the CD player.
What´s the reason? Maybe is the lower line out impedance?
Is there any solution out there to solve this problem or must I pump up the volume twice or more to listen?

Thanks in advance.
If you connected the iPod via the earphone jack, volume is controlled from both the iPod and your system. If the volume on the iPod is low, it doesn't much matter how you crank up anything else because there isn't much signal there. The iPod should probably be set at around 70% - above that you may start to get distortion. A better idea is to connect to your system via the iPod dock (or directly from your PC) if feasible to get around the internal iPod volume control.

There have been a number of technically more accurate threads on the subject if you search the archives but, directionally, the above should be correct.

Good luck.
Check the volume level on your iPod. If it's set low, you'll have to increase your amp volume to compensate.
I noticed that low bit rate converted tracks seem to drop off in volume ... also I noticed as I started working with more complex software for MP3 conversion (D.A.R.T, Sound Forge, etc) there are more options prior to compression. I can’t recall off hand if they will do what you want but I will play around with it. I seem to recall a function that would balance the input level … weather that would bring the input level “up” or not I am not sure.

There are also other compression formats (.OGG, FLAC) that seem to do a much better job of taking the original track and converting it/compressing it into the new track you can play on an iPod type player. Your last option is a straight .WAV conversion with no real compression. You will lose some of your storage, as track size will increase ten fold BUT that space constitutes sonic detail. I would also stay away from VBR (variable bit-rate) compression if fidelity is a concern. I would see if the iPod will play .OGG format and convert your CD’s to that format at a very high bit rate. I’m no expert but failure has taught me a thing or two …