Irving Bud Fried has died

I just read on another forum that Bud Fried has passed away. He will definetely be missed.
Trelja would know this for sure since he recently joined Bud Fried's team.
Trelja is this true? Thanx.

I have a call into my dear friend, Dr. Jonathan Raines, who is CEO of Fried, and has taken a leading role in Bud's care of late. As such, I don't know what is going on at the moment. All I can say is that I sincerely hope this news is wrong. Bud was perhaps the most interesting person I have had the pleasure of becoming a friend of. I also consider him one of the sweetest and most generous.

Hopefully, we will know one way or another very soon. I promise to update the thread as soon as I know ANYTHING.
Very sad for all us transmission line fans. My Kinetics are based on the IMF line he used to rep, which also served as the basis for many of his own later Fried designs.
Sadly, as I returned home, I have found a few messages on my machine from Fried, including Dr. Raines who is currently in San Francisco, that Bud Fried has passed away.

It is surely a sad day for audio. Again, Bud was one of the most interesting, delightful people I have ever had the honor of knowing - audio or otherwise. The man's legacy is beyond the comprehension of the most intelligent, passionate, and diehard audiophiles among us. There will never be anyone the likes of Bud again.

I am blessed to have been informed directly, and hopefully, anything I can do in manning the Philadelphia, PA area front, I will be thankful to help with. One thing I would like to do is thank all who send their well wishes our most profound thank you in this time of grief.

May God keep Bud Fried,
Joe Trelli