Is 1990's equipment vintage?

I think so, apparently some few are upset at this definition, and think 1990's electronics are merely "used" or "out of production."
Ok, 1970 was 30 years from 2000, you have a benchmark of 30+ years. So, 1990's would just becoming vintage assuming you want to measure in years. Webster says "a period of origin or manufacture", 
Let's distinguish between 'vintage' and old junk. Let's use 1990 as an arbitrary curt-off date.  This is by no means exhaustive, but this is some equipment I consider vintage, collectable, and worth restoring.
Any American-made tube gear - Vintage High-end.
Any separate components - Vintage  
Any Marantz receiver with a black glass, turquoise light tuner and 'Gyro-Touch tuning' - Vintage.
Pioneer, Kenwood, Sansui, receivers - Old Junk
Any Thorens, B&O, Dual or Higher-end Technics, Denon or JVC DD turntable - Vintage.
Pioneer. Kenwood (Except KD-500) BIC Turntable - Old Junk
Any Tandberg, Revox, TEAC, or Sony Reel-to-reel - Vintage 
Akai or Dokorder - Old Junk

There are way too many speakers to list, but certainly Large Advents, Dahlquist DQ-10, ADS, especially the 810, JBL (the bigger the better), Altec (15" woofer + horn), Klipsch, Quad, any LS3/5a, Harbeth, Spendor, are vintage loudspeakers. 

Feel free to add or be insulted. :-) 
Well, now we are arguing whether things are an antique or merely old. :-)

Bose 901's - OLD.

Come at me, bro.