Is $3000 pushing the limits for a geat monitor??

I want to go to a monitor speaker because I cannot physically handle the weight and size of a 80lbs floor standing speakers any longer.

I have looked at several monitors like the Sonus Faber Venere MKII series; Lenaham ML-1 made in Australia, Spendor, Harbeth. I have listened to the older Dynaudio Excite 12 and new version, Excite 14. I like the sound of both of the latter speakers, but the dealer insists I hear the Dynaudio Focus 160. Unfortunately, he has none in stock to buy or for audition.

Therefore, any member currently own a pair of the Focus 160, or have auditioned them recently. I need some good feedback about this model's sound quality before charging in and buying them. I also want to get opinions about whether a monitor can compete with a large floorstander. Thanks to all !!!!!
To Raquel. The Evolution Acoustics "Micro One" is both an interesting and attractive looking speaker. From what I saw on their site. it looks like they are a half pint floor stander. However, the downsize is they have one store front in Oregon to audition their products. Also, I am not sure if you are buying the speakers as a modular system which comes with a separate sub that locks into the rest of chassis That is a turn off to me

From my experience in audio, companies like this for all their good intentions, eventually go under because they have limited market exposure, and so limited sales I have to check if they have a 30 day return policy including round trip shipping.

In the meantime, I will keep looking Thanks
To Zkzpb8, you make several thoughtful points on the issue of floor standers vs monitors issue. I have been through this several time, beginning with B&W Matrix 3 MKII ( another 70 lbs behemonth) Then, bought a pair of Green Mountain "Europas" an excellent book shelf type speaker, but somewhat short of the performance of the B&W's GM's were replaced by Vandersteen IC a small footprint floorstander, that was good but provided below average bass, and just average highs, but an accurate and enjoyable speaker, nevertheless

Therefore, as you can see I fell into the same pattern you described, and more or less was convinced, that floor standers provide more bass, and a larger soundstage. This was about 10 years ago and I was a bit uninformed about monitors ,plus a period "monitor mania" began. (TAS and SP seemed to provide a revolving door of new monitors every month). Better small speakers were being built using much higher quality drivers, and crossovers which produced an excellent wide soundstage, accurate midrange and deeper bass.

As noted above in the thread context, my new living space is approx. 2 ft shorter on both axes. I received my shipped furniture and stereo this week. and the speaker boxes look huge, and in my mind's eye will not work in the room. Also, I don't want to take these suckers out of the boxes for both a sound and placement survey because of their individual weight. Thanks
Dear Sunnyjim:

As I understand it, the Evolution Acoustics is basically a full-range speaker - unless it is used in a gigantic room, it does not require a sub. It did not play at all like a monitor in the system I heard it in - I was really impressed.

Yes, they are sold manufacturer-direct, but that is not necessarily bad. The vast majority of "hi-fi brands" that people have heard of are one to four-person operations, often times run out of people's basements. Evolution, on the other hand, manufactures in San Diego and China, and is owned by the U.S. distributor for darTZeel, who also owns Playback Designs - it's a real company with real resources.

In my experience in audio, which dates to 1977, ALL hi-fi companies go under (Phase Linear, Threshold, S.A.E. - there are far too many to name), and the small handful that survive are nothing more than someone buying a famous trademark and starting new production under that trademark in a new place with new designs and new management that is no way remotely related to what the old product was.

Most of the "high-end" as it's portrayed in the audiophile magazines is in truth one-man bands - "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" from the Wizard of Oz. There are very few Audio Researches, B&W's or McIntoshes (speaking of McIntosh, it has had three different owners in the last twenty years, but they do still manufacture in Binghamton). And buying a big name does not at all guarantee that your gear will be serviced - just ask the people who owned Mark Levinson gear after Harmon bought Madrigal and closed the Orange, Connecticut, production facility. In my experience, large size and a big name does not necessarily correlate with quality, reliability, or product service. The key is buying from someone who stands behind the product, and in this regard, there are wonderful larger manufacturers like Pass and Wilson, and wonderful smaller manufacturers like Evolution, Rockport, and VAC. As for me, I'd much rather deal with Kevin Hayes of VAC or Jonathan Tinn of Evolution than trying to call Harmon for help because the dealer who sold me my Revels no longer exists (that's one of the reasons I no longer own them). It's time for the "size doesn't matter" joke.
Lots of great monitors out there for under $3K. Dynaudio Confidence 3's, Totem Mani-2, Von Gaylord Legend monitors, Celestion Kingstons, Dynaudio Special 25's, and Totem the ones that I happen to currently have up for sale. I would take the Confidence 3's over any of the Dynaudio speakers you mentioned. I would even take them over the C1s, because the C1s are so dang ugly. C1s are great speakers, but I havent seen a pair go for under $3k, so I will leave them off the list.