Is a Drangonfly DAC useful on Spotify audio

I am wondering if getting a Dragonfly DAC for my iPhone and older MacBook air (which has only an analog headphone jack) going to make any difference on the compressed 320kbps audio.
I have the "new" version AQ Black microDAC: one for my mobile headphones via an iPhone source, and one for direct laptop tunes that bypasses the crap (comparative) sound card performance.
i test drove both the new RED against the new BLACK version. For me I preferred the BLACK as an all-round performer for mobile use, and "good enough" vs the RED for desktop use into actively powered speakers. The RED was incrementally slightly better in some very small way at the top-end, but certainly not for double the money when compared to the "new" version BLACK microDAC.

in short, the AQ Dragonfly microDAC is big-time improvement for laptop or mobile audio performance and resulting audio enjoyment... in either case, full stop.

the AQ Dragonfly is a Goliath killer, especially at its pricepoint and ease of use features ... highly recommended

I actually bought a higher quality build and performance TEAC HP-50 headphone amp/DAC for use in both my "B" system swap-in and swap-out from my iPhone, and primarily with my Master & Dynamic new over-ear mobile-use cans for superior performance


You can attain a further whole step-up in audio performance. Sure, even at the 16/320 MP3 quality level the AQ smokes the standard iPhone or iMAC player.

I have TIDAL streaming that provides mp3 and also a hi-Rez 24bit/96khz FLAC files streaming version for more money. It is with the latter hi-Rez format streaming that the AQ Dragonfly and the ONKYO HF hi-Rez audio player app (MAC IOS standard system player in the iPhone cannot handle it) takes off exponentially in audio performance.

You should definately hear a difference, but you can only speculate on how much. They sell the DF in Best Buy. Get one there and return it if you don't like it.