Is a femto clock important if you aren't using asynch USB?

I am considering buying a used Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 DSD se for streaming from my Bluesound Node 2i, and the seller told me that this DAC2 se is one of the early ones that does NOT have a femto clock.  My Bluesound does not have USB output, so I won't be using the USB input on the DAC2.  My understanding is that the femto clock is mainly useful to sync up the digital stream from a computer; is it likely to make much difference if my source is a streamer and the input is SPDIF?



What kind of budget do you have? There are much better new/new used to be had.

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I just changed USB cable on my NODE 130/Gustard X26 PRO from a DH Labs Silversonic maximum bandwidth to a Curious USB cable. The Silversonic was ok but had a hint of harshness in certain highs that really hurt my ears specially at mid to higher volume. The Curious has better clarity and brightness even so it actually is much easier on my ears, just much smoother all around, no hints of harshness anywhere meaning longer listening sessions. Just thought it might be helpful in your search.

Interesting to take the wav file from a CD/DVD and look at it in an editor.  Most are clipped at 0 or -1 dB.  This is a bad practice.