Is a Koetsu Rosewood Sig Overkill for my JMW 9Sig?

My system has evolved wonderfully over the recent past.
I'm running a few year old ZYX Airy Vintage on a Scoutmaster with center & ring weights via a Cardas Neutral reference into an EAR 864 full function preamp.
My Cary V12 drives Wilson Audio Sophia I's.
Will the 9 Sig (With 3 gm headshell weight) allow the Koetsu to perform its' magic? Is is a worthwile upgrade?
My musical tastes range from vocals to classic rock to chamber music to symphonic extravaganzas.
I'm not at all unhappy with the ZYX (just the opposite). Just looking for another flavor of magic. I'll probably keep it as well.
A competent tonearm will not optimize a very good or even better cartridge.

Actually, one will realize better performance with a very good tonearm/average cartridge combination than an average tonearm/very good cartridge combination.

A Zyx Airy or Koetsu Rosewood Signature will not realize their full potential riding a JMW-9.
I agree with Audiofeil. If you are thinking of an upgrade, I'd consider putting a top class arm (Graham Phantom, Tri Planar) on your ScoutMaster and keeping the Airy. You have some very nice components and I would be looking at the tonearm, if it was my rig.

I'd say no, give it a whirl. I think the JMW9-Sig is a good arm. I went from a Dynavector Karat to an Ortofon Jubilee and found it to be a very worthwile upgrade. Would the Jubilee sound better on a Phantom? I'd sure as hell hope so for the cost difference, but as I haven't done a direct comparison of the same cart on the same table with only the arm variable changing I'm not going to comment. What I can comment on is a step up in cart revealed improvements with the JMW-9 Sig arm. Best of luck in your decision. Cheers,

Thanks for your responses.
Do any of the top arms have the same geometry as the JMW 9?
I'd hate to go after a fine arm and have the installation look like garbage.

Is there someone that has made the switch to a better arm on the scoutmaster?
What was your experience?

Audiofeil, can you suggest some arms short of the megabuck models, i.e.
latest Triplanar that would allow these fine cartridges to shine?
I'd say go for it.The JMW9 can handle it with pride. The Rosewood sig belongs to the lower bracket in the koetsu line so putting it to the 9 is just about right.

You can actually go for a Graham L version if you want the best and to be able to use the outer periphery ring. By using the Triplanar you won't be able to use the ring cos the mounting of the arm calls that the armtube is situated in a diagonal position tucked very near the platter. I think it is because of the damping trouh.