Is a stereo system a tougher sale to young people?

I have been listening to my Grado PS 500s lately and am being immersed in the tonal accuracy of these cans. I'm thinking if I had grown up with headphones as of todays audio generation it might be different. If I hear a good stereo I would critique it more and weigh the cost. True, back in the day, I'm 57 I would notice the articulate sound of cans. Todays headphones šŸŽ§ do up the game quite a bit. What do you young people think? Do you think spending 10 times the cost of your headphone set up ( could include amp streamer and hi end cans) to approach the headphone sound is worth it? I get the 10x from Stereophile Lets say 2k investment in a headphone set up would equate to a 20k stereo setup. Now if you want loud deep accurate bass then maybe a little more. Let us hear your opinions.
I'm two channel; integrated amp, DAC and power supply, CDs still, and vinyl in the attic 'waiting for the day.'
My children (19-32) have grown up with reasonable sound.

Have tried a number of amps on my eldest over 10 years.
She has finally settled on a Nuforce DDA-100 with my Quad 11L bookshelf speakers.

What has surprised me most is, after years of knowing and being able to distinguish good sound, all of my children have settled for convenience.
- Bluetooth
- Spotify
And that is sooooo frustrating.Ā 

Two channel hi end audio will die out with the boomers (of which I am one). The future generations really donā€™t care. Much like my dad trying to interest me in coin collecting which was a passion of his, but I had zero interest despite having been exposed to it at an early age.Ā 
Yes. A stereo system is a hard sell today's youth relatedĀ  to disposable income.Ā  I had very little during those teenage/young adult years.
Happy Listening!
Personally I think in 20 years our disposable income is going to be going towards the most wanted and to die for product around. Your very own personal robot!!!