Is an amp the next upgrade path for me? Advice...

Hi all, love the forum, long time fan, and a past purchaser of equipment from here.

My equipment prior to 3 weeks ago, were:
Axiom Audio M22Ti, Arcam a65plus integrated, Axiom EP 125 sub, Squeezebox touch, wiring/power all stock.

Recently purchased a set of PSB Imagine T towers to replace the m22.
Very happy with my decision, soundstage has really opened up!!

Of course, I am now limited to the volume I can play my music (I prefer 2 channel), and have noticed things falling apart a bit at higher volumes, mostly with the higher freq. output. The subwoofer I have at 50hz and below, and used mostly to add a lithe bit of "pop" to the electronica music I so much enjoy. Room size is smallish, say 12 feet b/w me and speakers, but will probably employing these in a larger space soon.

What should my next step up be? I'm interested in larger, more expansive soundstage. I want more "feeling" the music, with a bit more lower end. I want to try and improve the higher end "shrill" that I can get with higher volumes.

I AM NOT intersted in changing speakers, as I'm very happy with these towers.
I AM NOT interested in chancing cables, as I am just not completely sold on this upgrade path, at least, at the current level of equipment I have.

Would you recommend an outboard amp? Higher power Rotel or musical fidelity, for example? And how much power? ( I do want something that will last a long time, with further upgrades in speakers, and larger power req. in the future)
Would you recommend a change completely from the integrated to a much nicer integrated unit with higher output?
If I were to spend 1,000$ on a newer higher powered integrated vs 1000$ on a power amp, where would I see the MOST benefit.
Would you recommend a change the subwoofer either in addition to, or alone as a substantial upgrade?

I appreciate all your input! My budget is probably in the 1K range.

thanks all!
you get the speakers then go for the amp. If you like SS then I'd try for a used McCormick'll be shocked at the improvement in sound. A less expensive alternative is an Outlaw RR2150 integrated....big bang for the $$$.
As you suspect, your new speakers may be letting your other component and cables shine through... in particular when you turn up the volume. I don't think the Arcam is your weakest link however. I would start with better power supply for the Touch, and possibly explore alternative cables, such as something used from Anti-cables or Signal Cables.
It may also be that your room is being overloaded with bass, messing up the high frequencies.
I'd say at the volumes you play, you stand to really do some damage to things. Big loud sound on a small budget is burned out tweeters.

Based on THAT fact of volume (each 3dB is about TWICE the power), I'd go to the ODYSSEY site and look at some good quality amplifiers at reasonable prices, or as suggested, look at used McCormack (easier to find) or ODYSSEY (harder to find as it does so well for the bucks and sounds great) gear.

A so, so sonic signature of an upstream component to the amp is less important if your are running out of power. Better sound upstream (preamp, for instance)that is clipping an amplifier downstream will still trash your tweeters.

For your described volume likes you need to shore-up the WATTS ASAP! Or, save for tweeters again, and again.

The ODYSSEY amps can be sent in for upgrades as you can afford a more refined sound as can McCormak's older series stuff (DNA-225 or DNA-500 or older). This is a great way to get some decent power in your system and STILL upgrade stuff later on. Either brand will last DECADES.
I would say the bare Squeezebox is the weakest link, as it's not up to the level of the rest of the gear IMO (I'm sure many would disagree), but your speakers are most likely being underpowered. While its pretty much impossible to diagnose clipping on a forum without actually hearing it, I'd bet that that's what's going on or you're very close to it. The A65+ is a 40 or 45 watt amp. It's a great amp when it's driving speakers within its limits/comfort zone, but I'm pretty sure your speakers aren't within that zone.

If you get an integrated or power amp is a matter of preference. If you're planning on eventually getting a dedicated preamp, a power amp makes sense. If not, a better and more powerful integrated makes sense.

NAD is a natural match for PSB, as they're owned by the same parent company and I'm pretty sure they use each other's gear in voicing. I like the McCormack amps better, but unless you're getting a dedicated preamp, you may get better results with an NAD integrated.

I think the best deals in town right now are Cambridge integrateds. The current line has been discontinued, and you can get new in box ones for about half off. The 840a was about $1800, and is now about $1k. Spearit Sound has several listed here with full warranty. I think they sound a lot better than the NADs and are better built.

I haven't dealt with Spearit Sound, but I know several people who have. All had nothing but great things to say about them.

I'd get a good integrated, save up, and then get a good DAC for the Squeezebox, but that's just me.