Is an autoformer (AVC) always superior to pots and resistors ?

This is an argument some of my friends made to me. AVC is always the best volume control, better than anything else such as rk50 or resistor based volume controls. Have you found this to be the case?

I am also curious why AVC is not implemented more often in high end audio preamps / integrated amps.



My experience has been to get one of Dave Slagle’s autoformers and be done with typical resistor type volume control. 

I've tried an AVC incorporating Slagle's parts. It sounded dead quiet but my system needs a bit more boost and I like the coloration added by my 6SN7 tube.


I prefer optical comparator, crossing at zero (silent)

The PS Audio gain cell design is superior also.

I can only say I love my Coincident Statement MkII pre with dual transformer volume control, superior to any pot or resistor based volume pre I've owned. Absolutely most stable imaging imaginable, no tracking issues whatsoever.

TVCs, ime, rounds things out and softens transients, but like everything else, it is what your ears like. TVCs are supposed to be better with impedance matching between source and amp.