Is anybody using Ready Acoustics bass traps ?

I have a mid-bass boom issue in my new listening room, and I found this company on the internet selling very reasonably priced bass traps:

I don't have time to DIY, and I don't have a lot of money to spend, and these traps look like they might do the trick.

So has anyone tried them ? (Or the underlying Corning 703 fiberglass material)

I went for the ASC Sub Trap for my REL and the difference was extraordinary. If you look into the ASC, the price is very reasonable and the enhancement in so many ways locks the system perfectly.
They are cheap Comparison of Bass traps - they should work - DIY is still the cheapest option.

Remember you need A LOT to make any difference ( I have four or 16 feet of the biggest corner traps that GIK sell => Tritraps - to me four is a bare minimum)
Thanks for the feedback. The GIK products look better and are within my budget. I'll start with 4 of the 244s.
I have the Ready Trap bags they fit and look great. I use Owens Corning 703 24 inch X 48 inch X 2 inch thick for the side walls and back of room .I also space the side wall panels 2 inch's off the wall with home made spacers. I use Owens Corning 705 - 24 X 48 x 4 for the corners stacked so they are 96 inch's high . I also have 2 more 705 panels I sometimes use in the corner behind the speakers along with the above panels . The ceiling has 10 inch's of fluffy fiberglass insulation between the joists and the ceiling is covered with muslin fabric. To answer your question I like the Ready Trap bags but I stuffed them Myself with the 703 / 705 I ordered online. Marc