Is anybody using the new Afterdark music server?

Hi: This looks like a well built machine. Has anybody auditioned or bought one? Please share your thoughts. Good listening. Jeff


Its just a computer.  Far from a purpose built piece of audio gear.  Yeah it's purpose is to play music but it's a general purpose device in the end which means much of the architecture is wasted and not designed specifically for playing music.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing other than all the glitches pc's can have but to pay this much for it is a little crazy.  And the description reads like a bad SPAM email.

@yoby I thought the days of general purpose computers disguised as purpose-built music servers was well behind us. I was surprised by the $5,600 price.  The purpose built Aurender ACS100 at $3,500 is likey a better choice . If you're happy, that's all that matters 

@cycles2 : I have never auditioned or owned one these servers. Just curious how it compares with others on the market. Good listening. Jeff

@yoby  I don't understand your question. Are you saying that you've never auditioned a true music server such as an Aurender ACS100?