Is anyone going to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest?

The RMAF begins on Friday. Will anyone attend?
I'm going to attend for the first time. Missing Friday but you g Satyrday and Sunday.. Any advice on how to manage the sensory overload and huge assortment of rooms??
Have fun gentlemen. This show are really grown since the 1st iteration which I attended.

I do. Of course you want to check out the large rooms down stairs and on the mezzanine. Actually you could save those for later when you get hungry and come down for lunch. They are pretty mellow. Second you might want to look through the program either on line or the program when you get your badge. Mark the gear you want to listen to by the floor they are on. 

Always fun to go to the rooms with expensive gear, the gear you read about but could never afford. You might surprise yourself by how many of those rooms you think sound bad. Trust your ears not the price tag.  No it isn't the room it is the equipment. 

Again in the tower, with the two elevators, might be three, go all the way to the top walk the rooms then take the stairs down to the next floor. Slow elevator. 

When you get to the 7th. floor please stop in and introduce yourself. My name is Jim and will be in the Bricasti room number 7013. Should be a good sounding room 

Sadly, I can't make it this year, and I found out that neither can my main dealer. I love to spend a good portion of my time talking through stuff with him and and listening to the music and sound that does it for me.

it's a great show, and I've found that by Saturday afternoon and early Sunday, the exhibitors have their gear all in order and tweaked out to sound best in their rooms. There can be distractions on Friday and especially Sunday afternoon, as there's a mass exodus of packing it all up and getting out of there.

The show can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Multiple elevator banks and areas that do not connect to one-another. Rooms can get crowded, making you want to slip into the more empty ones just to chill out and listen. My recommendation, is to plan out in advance the rooms you may want to visit, and figure out the most efficient order to maximize your time.

If you're coming in from out of state, think about going up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see if you can catch the Elk bugling. It's about a 40 minute drive from Boulder.