Is anyone using a large-screen TV/music setup as your personal computer setup as well?

Hi All,

I really only have room for one setup in my small apartment:

1. A computer screen on a desk, with speakers to the left and right (i've posted a picture of this in my profile's system)

1. A large screen TV, with speakers to the left and right, and me sitting much farther back.

I wouldn't mind experimenting with the Large-screen TV idea, but I want to hear feedback from people who are doing this first.

How are you using the keyboard and mouse from the couch?  Are you using a regular computer chair in front of the couch, and a TV-dinner foldout-table for the mouse and keyboard?

See, i want to take advantage of the much larger equalateral trialgle speaker setup that i can get with at large TV setup...but i spend most of the time on the computer and not watching TV.


In our living room I occasionally use a Mac Mini connected to a Sony 65 XBR, but the video resolution leaves something to be desired.  The keyboard is comfortable on my lap, the mouse on the arm of a chair.  But I've use that mostly to set up the Roon OS that ran on the Mini.  Small portable tables designed for keyboard and mouse use in a chair or sofa are available, and coupled with a high definition TV could be a good solution.


+  1 to what @dbphd wrote.

My Mac Mini and a Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse are a great way to share streaming content with a group - or browse by myself. This was a no brainer when I noticed the HDMI output on the mini.

I have the keyboard next to me on an end table when it isn't on my lap and use the mouse either on the arm of the seat or on the seat cushion next to me. (An Apple Magic Trackpad may work better for others. I use mine occasionally.)

No problems with HD (720 or 1080) either. Looks great on my set. However a lot of older pre HD content streamed via YouTube or Prime does have that old aspect ratio and graininess. Doesn't bother me. 

The audio portion of the streaming content runs to a DAC connected to the Mini's USB port. I've had zero latency (lip synch) issues with this setup. 

An Apple TV is also a great addition so that Airplay can 'cast' photos, videos, and other iPhone content onto that big screen for group viewing. 



Years ago when I did it I made a little mouse table (15" x 15") that I stuck in the couch (retractable) You have to be creative.

I moved on.

I have my pc tower next to my tv and use a Bluetooth logitech de novo edge keyboard on my lap on the couch -for music (ripped cds) and movies (blu rays) works fine - only thing is with music (foobar) I have to turn my tv on to choose a title. Other than that the only issue I have is the Logitech has a mouse built into the keyboard which is a pia - not as ergonomic as a mouse on a desk - the logitech controls the system's volume - I run my dac directly to my amp.