I got some of the ic3 in balanced and rca and they just amaze me.They have me replacing some high end cables. Has anyone found them to sound good
then im sorry tvad,its gets you when you go to a forum to spead the word of something real and you get guys pissed at there wifes so they dump on us in should try the cable
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I do not think anyone is saying you need to swap. This just appears to be viable option to some high priced stuff like signal cable, and some others.
On one hand, I understand there have been a score of posts about products that fall into the category of 'flavor of the nano-second' as of late. On the other, Darren Hovsepian putting some of his knowledge and experience into what appears to be a bargain priced product should be welcome news. Just my $0.02

I found this odd, though: "...all i wanted was to make sure i was liking the sound by seeing if anyone else did..." I don't understand why someone else would need to like them in order to validate your otic perception. Don't you trust your own ears?