is ayre qb-9 dac better than cx7e mp?

sorry if this has been discussed, i read review that said the dac sounds better cx7e mp, not sure if this is true, i like the ayre sound, and contemplating whether to get the dac+mac or the cdp.
I have the latest qb-9 and love it. It is better IMO than the CX7emp and the CX5emp that I owned and easier to manage your collection.

I haven't had much luck with hi-rez downloads, at least from HD Tracks. Most were missing major information and after a dozen emails was urged from support to beware of the flaws associated with "popular hd files."

I was able to get a credit to download some 192k files and find they are not really that good either.
"I haven't had much luck with hi-rez downloads, at least from HD Tracks."

So, these were missing metadata?

I've read some negative comments about HDTracks but have, so far, been quite happy with my purchases and customer support from HDTracks (about 10 albums). The aforementioned Ani DiFranco is from HDTracks. The best sonics I've heard from any album of any format (hi-ez, CD, vinyl, FM) on my system.
My QB-9 edged out my C=5xeMP. In my system, in my room. Others may have different views.
Rufi, I don't know what you mean by missing metadata but they sounded open and dynamic but edgy. I can't handle edgy when good digital is smooth and deep. HD Tracks rep said their downloads are hit or miss in this department.

Seems like quality control or attention to some of the details might be helpful on their site.
I just didn't know what you meant by:
"Most were missing major information . . ."
Apparently you meant *musical* information.