Is bass the most important frequency band?

One thing I’ve noticed when upgrading my audio system is that when I have really good bass, I’m happy. If the bass is top notch, I can overlook less-than-stellar treble or so-so midrange. The opposite does not seem to be true. Sure, I can get tremendous enjoyment out of a high-fidelity playback of a flute or other instrument that doesn’t have much bass impact, but when I switch to a track that has some slam, if my sub/woofers don’t perform, I’m left wanting, and I am inclined to change the track. When my subwoofer game is top notch, there is something extremely pleasing about tight, powerful, and accurate bass response that easily puts a smile on my face and lifts my mood in a matter of seconds. Maybe it all boils down to the fact that bass frequencies are heard AND felt and the inclusion of another sense (touch/feeling) gives bass a competitive edge over midrange and treble. I am not talking about loud bass (although that can be really fun and has its place), but the type of bass that gives you a sense of a kick drum’s size or allows for the double bass to reach out and vibrate the room and your body. I propose to you that bass and sub-bass should be optimized first and foremost, followed by treble and midrange in order to maximize enjoyment. Thoughts?
" 90% of the brains processing power is between 500Hz-15kHz. "We evolved listening to sounds in nature that had consequences for us - the voices of prey and predators, the sounds of weather, and the human voice. Hypothesis: we developed music-making in the same frequency ranges.
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No. mids are most important.  That is all the vocals and need to be natural and clear.
@davel & @pauly  for that last byte of observation...

...given we all want different things.
..sounds 'bout right, for whatever you prefer it to sound like. *g*

Sub>bass>mid>>high to wherever, sounds like a job for well-spaced active x-overs with a subtle hint of room eq. *s*

Mono all, of course.

I'll let y'all know, but don't hold breath....the ERs' are in triage already... ;)
I have made it a point in the past year to visit people across the country who have different/better home systems. This week I am in Minneapolis. One thing I learned is that the people who spent time getting their bass array set up properly- 2+ subs powered by separate amps-were also the people who had the best overall sound.