Is bass the most important frequency band?

One thing I’ve noticed when upgrading my audio system is that when I have really good bass, I’m happy. If the bass is top notch, I can overlook less-than-stellar treble or so-so midrange. The opposite does not seem to be true. Sure, I can get tremendous enjoyment out of a high-fidelity playback of a flute or other instrument that doesn’t have much bass impact, but when I switch to a track that has some slam, if my sub/woofers don’t perform, I’m left wanting, and I am inclined to change the track. When my subwoofer game is top notch, there is something extremely pleasing about tight, powerful, and accurate bass response that easily puts a smile on my face and lifts my mood in a matter of seconds. Maybe it all boils down to the fact that bass frequencies are heard AND felt and the inclusion of another sense (touch/feeling) gives bass a competitive edge over midrange and treble. I am not talking about loud bass (although that can be really fun and has its place), but the type of bass that gives you a sense of a kick drum’s size or allows for the double bass to reach out and vibrate the room and your body. I propose to you that bass and sub-bass should be optimized first and foremost, followed by treble and midrange in order to maximize enjoyment. Thoughts?

I personally can't stand a system that is too bright. Old age will fix that problem.

Same here.  I was hoping old age would help with that, but at 61, my hearing on that top octave is poor, but I'm still pretty sensitive to grungy sibilance, and sloppy treble.  Must be in the 5k-10k region b/c I can still hear that! ;-)
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Of cause, it’s a matter of personal preferences, but most musical informative is the middle. 
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If the low to mid bass isn’t correct, it will smear the upper frequency harmonics. Therefore, the foundation is the most important IMHO.