Is blasphemous Music ok?



As safe as it is to say that without slavery, the blues genre might not have existed. 

it's creepy and very sad to watch your reasoning about a "movie" that has never actually been watched ...

How do I know this? - I traveled a lot - visited other countries and can compare.

Imagine that you grew up and formed in Catholicism or Protestantism ... you have a picture of the world - you are used to it ... suddenly some Sergio appears and tells you - you guys are not just mistaken, you were deceived by clever PEOPLE - you are all life went the other way! ...
Your eyes are filled with blood, you start arguing, you are convinced that you are right, and I am a heretic ... you are scared and you do not want to change anything.

I'm not better than you - I just know the real state of affairs ... Can I change something? - there are no people in the life of the broad masses (this is a very big process), but for some individual people (a clean slate), my information will become living water! - an indication in which direction to dig in search of treasure.

As for blasphemers, blasphemers, comedians / atheists, shockers in music (actually not only in it):

there are two groups of people - in the first, those who do not understand anything about this, have no experience (and therefore are not afraid to lose), fools, those who have no talent are trying to attract attention to themselves ...
the second group - everything is much worse ... here are those who understand everything perfectly and deliberately crap. These people are seriously ill - they are physically attracted to evil. They are aware of their addiction, but defiantly refuse to change (it's kind of like a severe form of heroin addiction). They behave within the bounds of legal law, but this does not mean anything - this is just a way to avoid responsibility. Their goal is to make you feel bad... they don't care about you. (but they themselves enjoy it). You need to be able to notice and avoid such people! 


Indeed, in both cases it was the oppression (Catholicism and slavery) that sparked the creative spirit. Music, or more properly song, has always been a source of hope for the oppressed.

Given the strong influence of the Catholic Church on the make-up of the current US Supreme Court,  one finds Tim Minchin's  "Pope Song" increasingly relevant:


Just in case anyone hasn't heard the unedited song. All the necessary ingredients for a country song are there...just a little, well...


Immediately post-college I dated a woman whose mom was born again. She considered The Grateful Dead to be "devil music". So yes, emphatically!