Is Bob Carver Still in Business?

I have tried to contact the Bob Carver company on some advice on tubes used with the Black Raven 350 amp via phone, email, and through his latest listed distributor Jim Clark.

No one answers the phone, returns emails etc.




@mofimadness I don't know the specific answer to your q. Guessing it's the latter. 

Jim told me this setup creates output closer to 90w than solo stereo 25w. My reply: giddyup. 

@zufan...thanks again.  I sure don't understand how this works.  I think I'll email Jim and ask.

After 45 years in the business,  I thought I knew almost everything about audio, but this has me confused.

Thanks for the info!

Bob Carver sold the company and the name. I am not sure of his participation in the company.

Looking at the Bob Carver website it now states that the 350-watt mono blocks are listed as "special order".

Wonder why, and what that means?