Is Cinepro any good?

They seem to have a good product line up, but I never hear any thing good or bad about them. Are there products any good?(There are NO local dealer's that sell this stuff so I have no way to even see it better yet hear it!)
I have the Cinepro 20 Line Balancer in a two-channel stereo system, and it was one of my best additions. I can be set to play an LP at normal listening level and not be able to tell, with my ear against a speaker, that the system is on.
The idea behind them is brilliantly simple, not even all that original, since it's how power comes into our houses from the poles outside. But the implementation matters too, and transformer quality is important, and they do that well.
I own the 3k6mk-III which tri-amps 4 Snell B-Minors, 2 lefts and 2 rights and is the most musical sounding amp that I have ever listened to. I have compared to Krell, Parasound(had 3 of their HCA-3500 up against the 3k6mk-III), Pereaux, Aragons 8008, and ATI. The Cinepro has incredibly tight bass control, and the mids and highs are so smooth and natural sounding. The dynamics of this amp are also incredibly fast and authoritative. This amp can also play very loud and crystal clear, with absolutly no ear fatigue at high volume listening. It's almost as if it is a drug and you can not get enough of it. If you can get a chance to hear this amp or their 2k6mk-III...DO NOT PASS IT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I recently went back to Cinepro when I purchased their latest incarnation of the 3k6 se model -- the gold version -- one of my better moves -- musically the best and movie sounds are incredible -- even at $7500 you get 6 deliciously sounding channel that will hold up against the best comparable 2-channel amps, by the way, i am planning on selling 2 McCormick DNA One Deluxe Monoblocks that were replaced by the Cinepro
I'm looking to purchase a Cinepro 3K6SE111 for theater use & would like feedback about there quality both in reliability & performance. There don't seem to be many reviews available & the few that I've read seem to praise cinepro's line.
In short yes. A friend of mine purchased a 3K6SEIII to use in his home system with a Proceed front end, and Revel Ultima Speakers. The amp sounded good, for the channels that worked (one channel had bad output devices) with a good bottom end, and a smooth midrange and top end. That said, the amp didn't quite cut it and he ended up returning it to Cinepro (they found the bad channel on replacement and returned the money with no hassle). He ended up purchasing Levinson/Proceed amps in their place. A couple of things worth noting 1) the speaker terminals are all grouped on one side of the amp, making it very difficult to hook up spades, and 2) Cinepro does have a 30 day return policy and often has demo amps for sale at a discount, so you can try it and return it if you don't like it (less the return shipping). For my money I would purchase a Sunfire, or used Proceed or Bryston before I would buy the Cinepro.