Is Classe AUdio no longer???

Just read this article:

Wonder what the hell is going on?

"In the good old days Classe was the best I owned."

+1000 on that. I still have the DR-25 amp and DR-6 preamp I bought new in 89/90. They have been rotated in and out of my system often since, pinch hit for broken down Krells and such, and always show their musical beauty (and muscle) at every opportunity. Not a second’s trouble from either. Recently picked up a DR-9 (Dave Reich’s first AB design with a "paultry" 100w/ch @ 8ohm rating) and it is the best sounding amplifier I have tried in 20+ years with my "amp killer" Thiels.


passet0279 posts08-05-2017 10:13amQuality in China is no better or worse then here in USA. The Transmission for your Cadilac cars are made in China !

I don't knowing buy products from the Communist Chinese nor from countries who have not signed international IP agreements. I don't not knowingly buy products that are made in Communist China. 

I know this limits me but I don't purchase cable TV either. I refuse to pay for programming and companies that undermines Western society. 


I don't give a snap about political structure of one or another nation or land, however, I do not refuse purchasing items from ordinary China dwellers that try to make living.

I also support the fact that they make some fake US gear on their territory (obviously as result of outsourcing) and sell it. I do not wage it as fault or crime of Chinese dwellers, but rather pure responsibility of manufacturer simply facing the circumstances of using slave labor to save on expenses.

Astronomic quantities of purchased newly introduced Chinese made Dr Dre head cans made some of my good living nearly decade ago.

When david rich left. That
Was it.   All she wrote. Today There are a lot of audio companys. Working today
With a big name.  But the main man is gone.