Is Classe CA-200 a good buy?

Im thinking about getting one, Is it worth it? How does it compare with Mark Levinsons or Krells? Im using Magnapans 2.7's Enough power?
How a good a deal it is depends on several things: First off, I assume it is used since the CA-200 is discontinued. Additionally I think the later model of the CA-200 (the one with the heat sinks on the side) is better than the old version. In fact that new version is internally identical to the CA-201. I bought one of these units and am quite happy with it. I think it sounds better than the comprably priced Levinson gear. As for Krell, I think Krell starts sounding good at higher price levels. It is great gear, but not cheap. For amps in this range I would suggest the CA-200 or a McCormack (one of the enw DNA's or an upgraded older model).
Absolutely - great amp, I have one and compared it to several others. Don't get caught up in model changes - it was a stereophile class B (if that means anything to you). Besides, according to an e-mail I received from Classe the specs are identical so what's different? I think it is a great amp IMO.
Classe builds a fine amplifier and if suited to you tastes is an exceptional buy. Very smooth, but too smooth for my tastes. I chose Levinson. A good friend of mine (I used to sell audio gear 15 yrs ago with) works at Carefre in Hanover, MA. Anyway he met the owner of Classe and sells a ton on their product. Even the owner of Classe admitted to the superiority of Levinson. But this is about Classe, and it's good stuff. Very smooth and terrific midrange.