Is computer audio a bust?

In recent months, I have had several audio acquaintances return to CDPs claiming improved SQ versus their highly optimized computer transports (SS drives, external power supplies, etc, etc).

I wanted to poll people on their experiences with computer "transports." What variables have had the most impact on sonics? If you bailed on computers, why?

I personally have always believed that the transport, whether its a plastic disc spinner or computer, is as or more important than the dac itself and thus considerable thought and energy is required.

Get a sound card. ESI juli@ for $149. Spdif out. All you need, plus a coax cable into your dac.
Sorry. You need a desktop for a sound card. Just noticed you have a notebook.
I actually think you are all being a bit unfair. None of you have tried anything other than the USB. And you're knocking me. Unreal. I'm not asking anyone to trash anything and there can be no other analogy. I'm saying, rather than something "universal", why not try something specifically for audio?
"Is computer Audio a Bust?"

Is this a serious question?? If so, the one asking is grossly uninformed and/or naive. Computer audio, when properly executed, is well established as a superior source compared to anything but a mega $$ CDP. Well done vinyl is still the best, but requires far more investment and involvement. The convenience of computer audio is inarguable. Done well, it is fantastic.

I have owned 5 different DAC's over the last 10 years, and still own 3 of them, the best one still in use in my 2nd system. My main system is served by a Lumin A-1 music server with NAS, instead of choosing vinyl much of the time!

Rather than a bust, computer audio IS the way of the future!
I should add that the PC or Mac/DAC combo introduces variables that can result in inferior SQ. The Lumin eliminates these variable by combining the computer and the DAC in one housing, with the power supply in another, thereby eliminating the USB or other interface and clocking problems. The designer has total control of the results.