Is D for Dry? Class D...

Class D sounds dry and lifeless... thats all, carry on
Class D is a flavor I have yet to sample.  I’m still in the dinosaur Class A camp. Someday I’ll try Class D.  

   Will search for a close dealer, I love auditioning audio gear. 
      Bring in my own music, etc, and press play, sit back and sip my flask while listening.  I will be looking for a dealer!,!

    Thanks for the words!   
My Marantz PM10 sounds pretty good compared to the Luxman I had before. The Luxman was a bit warmer, but the Marantz has a more powerful bass, bigger, deeper soundstage, more revealing.

If you like the M1200s (and can afford $6K), Ric (EVS) says he can mod them up for you, but if you don't need big power Underwood HiFi might actually be FINALLY introducing the Voyager GaN amp or ...

FYI the have a 15 day return policy but buyer pays shipping both ways, which, due to size and weight is minimal  $699
I've owned in the past a large number of major name-brand top Class AB solid state amps and have heard and love many others as well as many great tube amps and Class A solid state. All the AB that I owned were big, expensive, heavy, wonderful sounding and I was one of those hardcore solid-state amp guys that swore I would never have digital amps of any kind.

Well they've come a long way and my speakers are highly powered internally for mid-bass, bass and sub-bass by some great next generation Class D amps. 

Furthermore, I've owned a Legacy i.V4 ULTRA amp since May of 2020 and am still shocked at how damned good it is and how those 100, 200+ amps costing many tens of thousands of dollars are no longer in my system as I'm really impressed by the power, dynamics, finesse, musicality and all other aspects of this next generation digital amp.

Very impressive amp regardless of what type of amplification it is.