Is DVD-A still-born?

Do Audiogon members think DVD-A has been too slow getting off the ground?,a respected journalist in the UK thinks it already dead.
SACD has the lead although many of us are holding off the new formats at the moment.
My fear is that the confusion surrounding the new formats in general may limit their success and our ability to buy the new generation of digital recordings.
It takes time for new formats to be introduced but in the meantime my CD collection grows and grows........

I'll propose an alternate perspective; that is, neither SACD nor DVD-A will be a major success: not in the same sense as CDs. This comment runs counter to virtually every article that I've read, and most posts.

My concern is that both multi-channel SACD and DVD-A require 5 full-range speakers to deliver their dramatic improvement over redbook CDs. This is an expensive proposition for both non-audiophiles and audiophiles. With CDs, the average person already had two speakers, from Stereo FM and LPs, so the upgrade was mostly a player.

Secondly, there are the format wars, both current and to be waged (24/192; Hi-Def DVDs, outputting 960P); and although we all love to bask in the glow of high-higher-highest-to-date specs for our front-end equipment, how many of us can afford the arms race? Certainly, not the average family trying to keep up with things.

For the new formats, I see a combination of 'understanding-burnout' due to tech-speak overload, perhaps a shortage of consumer financial resources and hearing ability, to achieve critical mass.

Certainly, I would appreciate your thoughts.
I love your comments.Who can afford the arms race.Its not the average guy.
We need 299.00 multiformat machines.Play everything.CD CDR DVD A DVD V SACD.This will get the machines out to the average person.Software will follow.
Most people dont want to go through the BETA thing again.
It is amazing that every comment made is right on the money this time! I sell DVD-A at my showroom at work. You have to fire up the projector to see the menu's, then scroll through several choices on the player then more menu's on the Receiver! When you have done all that You find that the final result is not what was promised in terms of quality and fidelity. I have yet to hear a DVD-A that a good CD couldnt match. At least with SACD you just put it in and hit play! I find it insulting to us all that every time a new format is offered Sony wants to sell us the same old crap that you wouldnt buy in the bargain Bin!!! They did it before with CD now they are doing it with SACD!!!
As is your's Ken.
Ken who is telling people this sounds great.
Here is a quote from Listner magazine.I have to copy it word for word.Writting is not my strenght. Sean can write.This is acomment made bt Art Dudley editor Listner magazine.Comment's made about the Le Festival(Montreal Show)Son Image."What a pleasure to attend a show where the big buzz wasn't about how great it was to stand in line to hear some piece-of-shit $500k system":Instead,most people were talking about the Blue Circle/Harbeth room at the Delta,the former being the canadain maker of hand-wired tube electronics,the latter being one of two surviving speaker line's that can lay claim to that good ol'BBC DNA.
You can substitute the Country the palce for anywhere in the world.Listen to gear made locally where ever you are.You will be glad you took the time to do this.
You dont have to own a Sony to be cool.
No name Audio is fine for me.I listen with my ear's not my eyes.
DVD-A will be here eventually because it is just the natural progression of redbook CDs from 16 bit, to 18, then 20, now 24/96. This is why as is said above that a lot of record labels are already on board. It will be standard fair in DVD players soon, as Leafs comments above.