Is 'FINYL' CD treatment still manufactured?

While cleaning my audio room, I came across an old box of Finyl CD solution. In the box was a 1oz. spray bottle of the solution, a hand held buffer, a rubber mat (that fits inside the CD case to lift the CD for buffing) and FINYL stickers (to apply to the CD case in order to identify those discs that have been treated). There was still about a quarter bottle of the solution left in the bottle, so I tried it on one of my CD's.

I thought it really made a nice improvement in the sound of the CD. More detail, yet more natural and musical sounding. Is this product still made, and if so, where can it be ordered from?
You can find it for sale on this page...

Scroll down towards the bottom. I'm sure others sell it too.
I would also suggest trying Ultrabit Platinum-it works remarkably(surprisingly!) well in my Spectral based system to enhance clarity,dynamics,depth of field-soundstage and bass. It definitely removes "distortion" right at the cd-laser interface and it is significant. Enjoy.
I will admit I am an extreme newbie at most of this, but how could a spray help the disc sound better? I thought with digital signals it either is there or it isn't? I would think that if there were dirt or oils from fingerprints at the worst it would just skip.
Jlc76, consider that it is just a liquid optical coating making the CD easier to be read by the laser.

I used Finyl before on a Low-fi and even ALL of my non-audiophile skeptics agreed that it made a noticable difference in a blind A/B test.
The same guy who created FINYL is the creator of Ultabit Platinum. Give him a call.