Is gear cheaper in Canada?

Hi guys. I just moved to upstate New York and I am the market for some gear (CDP, cables, etc). Is there that big of a price difference between USA and Candada to make a 2 hour trip?
Hey, Xmore. It's like Canadina dollars, eh? But what about the border? Do you have to pay anything at the border? I know stuff I've bought in the states are taxed 15% after the conversion rate so that $100US is no longer 'a bargain". On the bright side there are some brands in Canada still not known in the states or very low profile....Wyetech, foundation research, passion[from china],Pierre Gabriel, vecteur,[from france], space-tech-lab, mention a few. Look upon it as a pleasure visit and enjoy yourself. Remember, you're looking at a Canadian price tag. Oh, I forgot to mention axion speakers, pretty good for the buck. Have fun. I'm sure others will have good advice, too. cheers, Bluenose
Depending on what you are looking at many items are cheaper. Most US made products are not but all Canadian and many European item are with the strength of your dollar. We ship many items to US customers .
Yes their is a really big difference , not only because the canadian money conversion (1$ US = 1.57$ CAD!!!) But also because of the conpetition between all the audiostore . Try Montreal or ontario , im sure you wont be disapointed. ( I know what I mean I live in canada :)
Not really. I looked into it and found that the prices are quite similar. The American-made equipment is a little bit cheaper in the US in general. The Canadian-made equipment seems to cost about the same on both sides of the border (maybe a little bit cheaper in Canada). Some Canadian companies like Sonic Frontiers price their equipment in US currency and then just convert it into Canadian currency for the Canadian market. As for equipment made over-seas, I don't know. It would be interesting to hear what other people have found.
It all depends on the gear. If manufactured in Canada then typically yes its cheaper up here. If made in the US then you're better off buying it at home because the current exchange rate is hovering around 50 cents on the dollar so something that costs $1000 US will cost you $1500 Cdn. If you are looking to buy Classe, Bryston, Paradigm, Energy, Blue Circle, Coincident and a host of other nicely made "Canadian" gear then the trip may very well be worth your while. You will pay provincial and federal sales taxes (depending on the province, Alberta just the federal tax) and apparently there are forms you can obtain to get reimbursement. I believe that the federal tax (GST) can be reimbursed on the spot if when returning to the US you stop in at the duty free shop before entering into the US. The provincial tax will be reimbursed by the Province when you provide them the proper paperwork.

Decide on what you will be looking for and look-up the website for the manufacturer to determine the closest
dealer(s) before you start your trip. Call ahead to determine if the local dealer knows anything about the tax issue....Come on up and spend your money eh!
I think the DVD movies in Canada is cheaper than in the state. Also Canadian brand like Bryston and Anthem are worth to come.