Is High End Audio catchin' up with you all?



A little off topic. Would something like the Tacx Neo be useful for someone who has had recent L5/S1 artificial disc replacement with the ActiveL disc? I had the disc replacement procedure on 1 July and tried Peloton bike, but leaning forward hurts after a few minutes. I have a new Norditrack X32 for walking which feels good…but, I have lingering Sciatica pain in my feet and post sprained ankle arthritis flairs up after a few days of using the treadmill. Our local club house has a recumbent bike which I use off and on,but, I had right hip surgery 2 years ago for a torn labrum and peddling in that position after a short while causes a burn at the hip. I was told swimming is the best for my particular recovery. On a good note. I can rearchitect farther, lift more than 20 pounds, weened myself off Gabapentin by using Nervive and eating more healthy. Stopped going to PT, well, too many people sick. I am able to do the PT stuff at home anyway with all my PT gear for all of my other ailments over the years. 

I’m an outlier like Carlsbad.  50 to 60 beers a week.  5 to 6 days a week in bars chasing women half my age. Few can keep up.

I don’t work 60 hours a week anymore. I don’t want to.  When I listen to music, I focus on the music and little else.

I weigh 50 more pounds than I did as a skinny 6’5” high school geek who was offered an appointment to West Point by Bobby Knight.

Machines break down.  Too bad we don’t live forever.

I am in between the bike guy and the audio dude. I work out, play hockey 3 nights a week. Wear the same size pants as I did in high school and college but look like a guy in his mid to late 50’s who works out a bit. No gut but no 6 pack abs. Just an average guy.

@mijostyn you must have Helibars on you Ducati then with a gut like that.

Could not get on my BMW100RR or Aprilia RSV4R with a gut like that.

Just kidding you have fun. Bet you have a Multistrada?