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Shout out to  flatblackround! I'm 6'7" and have always hated running, workouts, and all the other reindeer games. I am coordinatized but never saw the point of putting myself through the misery. I have a theory that tall people on average don't like working out, while shorter people love it. I know I'm stereotyping, but maybe it's on average true. Maybe the shorter person get results faster or gets the endorphin release faster than tall people. Maybe tall people's lungs aren't sized for the total blood volume.  Sure, pay a 7 footer 10 million dollars a year in the NBA and they will lumber up and down the court, but not normally the running type. Think about it...ever see a really tall guy running on the road, or were they pretty short? Weight lifters...pretty short. Bikers, maybe a few more taller people, but mostly short. No judgment, it has just always seemed to me that shorter people have some motivation/reward for these activities that taller people don't get. To flatblackround's point, in a bar you get a normal distribution of height and weight!


I got a RAD electric bike to take my son to school. He sits in the back and I peddle the total of 325lbs. In the 5 months, we have been doing this we have done 1600 miles and I have gained a ton of fitness. I highly recommend these new electric bikes. I thought they were kind of wimpy at first however, we are on the bike without worrying about wind and most weather issues and gaining tons of fitness.

at 6’2”, I believe Randy Newman sang it best…. “ Short people…”….