Is integrated the future for 2 channel audiophiles?

More and more integrated hitting the shelves. Although, there are plenty of dedicated preamps, I have just noticed lots of increased discussions over the past 2 years for integrated amps. 

In general, consumers are downsizing. Baby boomers retiring and going to smaller homes. Millennials and gen z prefer smaller homes as well ( in general - there are always exceptions). 

I think the turntable trendiness has leveled off ( there will always be vinyl fans...I’m talking about the people purchasing because it’s trendy). 

The masses probably favor a/v receivers. However, it seems integrated amp choices has increased quite a bit for 2 channel fans. 

No, the future is the wireless self-powered speaker system! AND IT IS HERE NOW! Check out Atkinson's review of the Dali Callisto 6 C speakers/Hub/BluOS system ($5750) in the latest Stereophile. Two Class D amps in each 3-way speaker and control through the Hub. If I was starting over again this is the system I would buy! And I would use an ADC into the Hub for my LPs and RTR tapes. JA measured and listened and was quite impressed!
I think the newer hi end integrated amps are definitely gaining ground. The advances in technology and the greater attention paid to the preamp section (not just an amp with an input volume control) has resulted in some very competitive products vis a vis separates. While separates still remain the utmost in hi end, a lot of people who have downsized their rigs have actually increased the overall sound quality by careful selection of the integrated offerings currently available.

Everyone seems to be making logical arguments on this thread but this is a hobby which defies logic and reason.  You could almost make an argument that we are heading in the opposite direction.  How many amps and preamps in the $10K and up category are based on mono's or feature separate power supplies?   

I think that for the for the lower end of the spectrum (eg units with an MSRP of $1500 to $6000) integrated's are catching on.  The problem with the higher end units is availability to hear is limited.  Try finding a local dealer (I live outside of Boston) that offers T&A, Gryphon, AudioNet, or Ypsilon (SP?).  Good luck. 

At the upper end category it still seems to be an overseas (Europe and Asia)  phenomenon which explains the 240 voltage you see on many ads.  There just isn't that much of a market in the US for hi-end integrated's.  I hope in the next few years I'm proven wrong. 


Smaller and more compact in general is a  the rage these days even with aging audiophiles.