Is it a good idea to buy CD players over 10 years old even it is a reliable brand?

On cost consideration, I am planning to buy a 2nd hand CD Player like Accuphase DP 500 Player or Estoric X-05
which are around 10 years old or so.  The price is about US$2000~3000.  Of course, unlike amplifier, the CD player has a pick up head and mechanical gears, but even for the above brands which are famous for it's reliability, is it good idea to buy the quite aged CD players from them?

Tks. for the comment and opinion.
Of course. Even older is better. The best were made by Technics in 1983. Those had perfect sound forever. 
Hard to image.  Long time ago (30 years), my friend is an audio maker and dealer, he had one Sony CD player, the sound is hard and dry......

At that time, he also imported Magnavox CD player and re-tool with some parts such as condenser and  power line, and selling at double price when compare with import cost.   Of course is better than original mfg.

Each unit produced had its tech test and archive not one, but two spare laser units. I think it’s safe to say that the ISIS will last longer than most of its owners and one can appreciate appreciate this attention to detail, with CD transport mechanisms getting scarcer all the time.
For 3K you can get a very nice brand new or gently used CD player, whose sound will be very competitive and which will be guaranteed to keep playing a good deal longer.