Is it all in my head?

Okay, sad to admit it but I just did an a/b comparison, granted it was only on one dubbed cd, between my musical fidelity a3.2 cd players dac and my new parasound z dac and could hear absolutely no difference. When I got my dac a few days ago I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, but spank me and call me sally, I can't for the life of me distinguish between the two. I hooked it up such that I could go between the two on the fly with a press of a button. Hmmmm... I could hear a difference between my denon dvd 2900 and the musical fidelity a3.2 but no dice between the a3.2 and z dac. I can also hear slight, slight differences between i.c.'s and speaker cables so I dunno. I think I may be spitting the kool-aid out if it doesn't give me a buzz anymore, or else I'm gonna buy some of those ufo thingies to put on my windows (sorry G).

02-23-13: Rodman99999
What cable are you using, between the transport and DAC? Less than excellent and you could negate any audible gains that, otherwise, might be realized via the outboard DAC.

That's right B. You need to buy one of those $2500(at the very least) cables to hear the difference. Some of those $750 each footers will help also.
Thanks for the advice T but I ain't no cheapskate. I ordered the $3500 toslink and the $1,000 footers. The reviews state that I'll hear new things on all my music, the soundstage is wider with liquid mids, airy highs and the tightest bass this side of the ghetto.

Anywho, I had this long post written out and then my phone died and I lost it so I'll give the condensed version.

A3.2= great sound
A.3.2+z dac = same great sound
Wadia 170i streaming spotify, now for the first time :-) = same great sound as a3.2.

I'm happiest about this last equation because spotify was always equal to about 90% of what I got from my cd's, now it's equal.
Big smile.

It was easy for me to do a/b comparisons in all these tests. All I had to do was switch inputs on my pre amp. I listened to the same songs, started at the same time and would switch back and forth between inputs with my remote so I'm certain in what I was hearing between the various set-ups.

Next, I'm going to upgrade from the wadia 170i wal wart to a welborne power supply. If this improves the sound from the wadia, my wadia will sound better than my cd player, which sounds great.

On a side note, I listened to my brothers klf 10's through an onkyo reciever (the onkyo was my first purchase 9 months ago when I started all this madness, and I thought then, that it was the cats pajamas) plugged into my i phone via a 20 foot 3.5 mm to rca plug. I played the same music I listen to everyday on my set up with the same i phone and the difference was absolutely huge. My rig leaves it for dead. :-) He's definitely going to need the $5,000 tos link and the $2000 footers to equal my set up.
If you can't hear any difference than there is no difference. I wouldn't worry about it. After 30 some years in this hobby, I have learned that what is really important is in enjoying the music rather than chasing after every little change different equipment produces.
As a humble and simple man, my approach is to keep things that sound good and change things that sound bad. Or change them because I feel like it. Or not. Please be like me. Thank you.
Lol, Wolf. I think I am like you, in that regard. I find myself changes things because they sound bad, or good, or because I want to, or because I don't. It's difficult being me.