Is it an Upgrade? From Kef R3 + R2c to Quad S4 + SC

Hello all,


My first time posting on Audiogon.


Currently running a 5.1.2 system. Front LR are Kef R3 (non-meta), powered by a Hegel H120 + r2c center + Kef kc62 subwoofer powered by an Anthem MRX740.


My question: Has anyone upgraded from bookshelves to Quad S-4 towers + the matching Quad SC center channel?


Thanks in advance for your insight and feedback. 


I assume your running the Hegel on theater bypass from the Anthem?I don't see a huge upgrade here except for my opinion that Quads will be smoother & more natural sounding than the KEF's,which I find clinical & metallic sounding compared to the Kevlar bass & ribbon tweets of the Quads..