Is it just me?

What is with people listing speakers for sale into the 5000. range and not bother to take off the grill or socks and showthe drivers? and in the post say the drivers are perfect.I've never responded to listing where covers were left on. Laziness perhaps? Try selling a car without showing whats under the hood.
I bought several cars without looking under the hood.  What am I, as a non-mechanic, going to see there that I can evaluate?


LOOK, was the person a pig? Did they clean his/her car inside and out?

Pull the dip stick, look at the TOP of the stick.. Is is grimy? They didn't change the oil.. Simple stuff.. Visual inspections are the BEST way to see if anything was EVER touched.. 

The same goes for OLD equipment. Sometime if the work was good you can SEE good work, you can SEE bad sloppy or out of place work too.

Looks bad it is bad... Like ugly people, some people do some things, other people do other thing, but there are a FEW people that do EVERYTHING.. You can substitute girl, boy, cow, dog, or a hole in a fence post too..

If it looks good that's a pretty good sign..
Lipstick on a pig though, will piss me off. Unless you're into...
PIGS and ...... lipstick... I'm trying to quit... :-)

I can say that a lot of speakers that i have are best listened to with the grills in place and a lot of the speakers do not have removable grills because they are part of the voicing and an integral part of the sound.
Stereo5 shoot me a message if you ever want to sell that MA. I'll say nice things to make up for these inconsiderate bastards. 
I have bought several Porsche race cars and a Ruf Turbo without "looking under the hood." But there was provenance available on these vehicles, some of which were transported from thousands of miles away.