Is It Just My Imagination?

I recently bought an Anthem D2V Statement pre-pro and am running it with a Monolinth 7-channel amp in a HT-only system. I plan to run the ARC EQ program in about 2 weeks, but have noticed what seems to be a big fluctuation in center-channel volume that seems to be random. I am a big believer in the KISS method, so I am not using any of the many EQ options available on the D2V. I don't have the Dolby volume EQ setting engaged, but I'm thinking there has to be a reason for this volume fluctuation. It's almost like the volume knob is being turned up/down, and I know it's not the amp because I was using a Marantz AV-8801 pre-pro before the D2V, and everything was fine. I would appreciate any thoughts on this from current or past Statement owners (or anyone else that might have a clue). I really love the sound of D2V, but this anomaly is driving me nuts.
There is a dynamic range compression setting you might want to be sure is off, also, swap out your C channel cable for another one, could be intermittent.

Same idea, swap your C channelp amp with another.
You may be right about the dynamic range compression setting because the problem seems to happen when the program material goes from either very loud to soft or vice versa. And I may have been mistaken by saying it is just the center channel that is is definitely the one that's most notably reduced/increased. I'll run that rabbit down tonight to see. Thanks for the suggestion.