Is it me or new audio gear is too perfect and give ear fatigue?

Since getting back into the hobby during covid I’ve really enjoyed listening to music vs. bluetooth low quality speakers.  Since listening to my Nautilus 803 speakers with old Yamaha Amps (MX1, MX1000) they’ve been sweet sounding and warm.

A lot of people have said the new equipment is near perfect chasing specs, sounding bright and causing ear fatigue.

Curious if people feel the same?


@wturkey   Don't agree.  If the set-up has a near flat frequency response and low distortion then...............'it's you'.

Could be something mechanical in your ears - both ears?? - or your state of mind/mood at the time of listening.  Our brain responses to music vary according to psychological factors.  That's why it's not sensible to judge system sound changes without applying blind testing to weed out the merely psychological.

Unfortunately as our ears age our handling of elevated volume becomes altered.

the traditional view of the Fletcher Munson curves established using normal hearers does not correspond to those with aging ears. Specifically loudness growth  changes. This factors in with hypersensitivity to sound.

So equipment variables as well as changing in our auditory profile provides an arena that becomes difficult to resolve.  

First off if a piece of equipment  is bright it is not near perfect it is wrong. Finding  the source of the sound you do t like is the hard part. Some times it can be as trivial  as the receptacle  you have the system plugged into. Some times it's placement. Sometimes it's the wire choice.  Sometimes it is one piece of equipment. And sometimes it is a number of things all at the same time. All that being said if the choices you have made you are satisfied  with the outcome you have made good choices.  That is the name of the game. If you get pleasure from the system  you have picked and put together. You have done the right thing.  

Modern B&W 800 series speakers have tended to be brighter than the earlier generations. Lots of people love them, however. As one recent review in a commented (I paraphrase), this is a deliberated design choice on the part of B&W and not a lack of competence on the part of its engineers. Not a choice I endorse, personally.