Is it me? Will I ever be satisfied?

As we have become empty nesters, we put together or are putting together a nice dedicated two channel system consisting of B&W 804 D3, Levinson No. 333 ( this is an older amp 20+ years old), McIntosh C22 (just purchased) in which I have already upgraded the tubes, Linn Lp12 TT, Blue Sound for streaming.  I am using Transparent balanced cables and Transparent speaker cables - not sure of the exact model, but all Transparent cables are close to 20 years old as well.

My questions, while I think the system sounds good - even really good.  I don't think it sounds great.  I recently purchased the C22 to be used with the No. 333 which I replaced a McIntosh MA252, which i really like and use in another system, it didn't have enough power.  My room is our garage which we converted to a playroom years ago.  It is approximately 25' and 20' wide.  We sit about 12' from the speakers which are at one end of the room .. While I realize that this hobby or lifestyle can be never ending....  I am considering upgrading the cables next and last but not least, add a new Amp, McIntosh MC462 or MC312.

Wanted to get some feedback, thoughts, in site, advice what you experience, am I missing anything?  Thanks


"So many questions that need to be answered before you throw money at it"



List your likes (Pros)?



List your dislikes (Cons)?



What do you want MORE or LESS of with the sound?



Have your equipment checked out by a tech, as previously described above.


If you can't describe it in writing, stop here. Go back and listen for a week, take notes, then reply to the very capable folks here on their 10th and 12th+ systems :) 

I’m going to be brutal here. I would never mix B&Ws with Mac gear. The thing you are missing is musicality. You need some gear that mates well with the B&Ws. A sweet sounding amp will do the trick. I’d look at a Parasound A21+. amp to get you in the right direction. If you want to spend more a pair of JC-1+. That will get you moving in the right direction.

P.S. Once you find that sweet spot you can be happy for many years. 

Some very good suggestions so far. It boils down to what are you unhappy with? Maybe go listen at a local dealer to get a feeling for what differences there are. Who knows,you might just be happy with what you have now?  Or is that just silly talk??