Is it me? Will I ever be satisfied?

As we have become empty nesters, we put together or are putting together a nice dedicated two channel system consisting of B&W 804 D3, Levinson No. 333 ( this is an older amp 20+ years old), McIntosh C22 (just purchased) in which I have already upgraded the tubes, Linn Lp12 TT, Blue Sound for streaming.  I am using Transparent balanced cables and Transparent speaker cables - not sure of the exact model, but all Transparent cables are close to 20 years old as well.

My questions, while I think the system sounds good - even really good.  I don't think it sounds great.  I recently purchased the C22 to be used with the No. 333 which I replaced a McIntosh MA252, which i really like and use in another system, it didn't have enough power.  My room is our garage which we converted to a playroom years ago.  It is approximately 25' and 20' wide.  We sit about 12' from the speakers which are at one end of the room .. While I realize that this hobby or lifestyle can be never ending....  I am considering upgrading the cables next and last but not least, add a new Amp, McIntosh MC462 or MC312.

Wanted to get some feedback, thoughts, in site, advice what you experience, am I missing anything?  Thanks


I hope you don’t have the pool table between you and the speakers....

Before anything else, like others have pointed out, try to find the best place for the speakers in combination with your listening place. And don’t be too close to the wall behind you. And...turn the bass down. Bass is essential but too much bass kills the music. Buy a mic and use REW to measure your room response.

In my setup I use absorption panels behind the speakers as well as diffusion panels. I’m no expert but they do help and having furniture and shelves in your listening area make a big difference. You can experiment by removing all your furniture in your room then you’ll realize how important room acoustics and room treatments are. You can see my system on my profile. I’m still playing with it but at least you can get an idea. Thank you. 

Definitely acoustically treat your room

and reposition your speakers

These changes can open up your system into a new level

of sound.  I would try room treatment then speaker placement and

I think you will be amazed

You have capable equipment already

Good luck